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George Kaunga

Dreamer, Architecture, Music, Poetry, Love, Tattoo's and Art, photography, Durban South Africa

They hurt me
Permanent scars of battle but I’ve been fighting a lost cause
The line was already crossed now I’m a casualty of war
WAR WAR turned these playgrounds into battlefields
My missing leg’s missing a shoe so I’m an incomplete pair of issues
I’ll try to limp out of the line of fire but the scorches still burn
Will I live to tell the story of an infinite pain they say you live and learn
Or is this ringing in my ear a sign of an end
An end to the suffering I lay as my blood drains
Into the earth…I see it soak in the soil
As I become one with the elements caresses by the landscape

It devours me sets me on fire
It admires me and then sets the match ablaze
It stands above my burning body capturing the scene of my simmering skin
It bathes in the scent of my medium rare flesh
It is alive in my corpse as it leeches off my insides
Its in my blood in my dna its in every cell
It doesn’t give me an inch constantly on my back
I’m losing a fight I only just recognized…guess my lack of timing will make me……..late

Forever alone even in the company of most
Its apparently transparent in my case it’s a ghost
Wandering for eons in constant search of a host
Cupid was playing maestro While its symphony was composed
Ten steps back saying I’m planning my approach
I think there’s an evil in me like Emily Rose

—    georgekaunga @Georgeaunga